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Decisions have to be made on tight deadlines, often with imperfect information. 

Truth Be Known tells stories about the messy work that goes into these decisions, and how modern leaders seek truth in an uncertain world.

Each episode features a short story and an interview with a senior technology leader.

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Nasim discusses her top three priorities as a data leader, personalizing the user experience through data and AI, and how to be a strategic partner to the business so that you’re delivering more than just the baseline.
AI Med Global
Navid describes AI’s role in medical imaging to detect cancer with more certainty, and using AI in precision medicine to match patients to personalized cancer therapies. Navid also talks about responsible use of data and how doctors can save valuable time with new technologies.
Mayank describes the three-line defense model for bank risk. He also emphasizes the importance of trusting data, defining policies and procedures, and knowing your business objectives.
Daniel discusses how he used data visualization to better understand client relationships and improve conversion rates,’s approach to data experiments, and how they’re facilitating their cloud migration.
Anita talks about how she would rework the data structure at SmileDirect Club if she could start fresh, enabling data self-service among the SDC analysts, and how she helps strengthen her analytics team.
This is a special episode in which Rob passes the torch to our new host, Faisal Khan.
We’re bringing you Season 3 of Truth Be Known with our new host, Faisal Khan!
Scott talks about how to attract and retain world-class data scientists, the importance of following a model governance process, and responsible AI.
Robert talks about tiering data for smarter decisioning, developing intrinsic motivation in employees, and being a successful steward of data and insights.
The Adecco Group
Philip discusses managing data at a big enterprise, how to prevent business decisions based on bad data, and turning data into dollars.
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Kelly talks about using historical data to create catastrophe models, taking a strategic standpoint to invest in resiliency, and reducing vulnerability to changing hazards.
Omnicom Health Group
Tom talks about transparency in decision making, how to organize massive amounts of data in order to derive insights, and how to determine the ideal communication strategy for a target audience.
Women Leaders in Data and AI
Asha talks about how empowering women in tech means including male allies, investing in a simple user experience for improved adoption rates, and how to earn trust in data.
KJ discusses translating technical data for her stakeholders, building credibility in data among the C-suite, and being a trailblazer in the supply chain economy.
Catherine discusses growing a machine learning approach to unstructured data, using data to get to the “why” of customer behavior, and following your local happiness gradient.
In this short episode, Lauren is passing the torch to our new host, Rob Norman.

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