Hosted by Rob Norman

Decisions have to be made on tight deadlines, often with imperfect information. 

Truth Be Known tells stories about the messy work that goes into these decisions, and how modern leaders seek truth in an uncertain world.

Each episode features a short story and an interview with a senior technology leader.

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KJ discusses translating technical data for her stakeholders, building credibility in data among the C-suite, and being a trailblazer in the supply chain economy.
Omnicom Health Group
Tom talks about transparency in decision making, how to organize massive amounts of data in order to derive insights, and how to determine the ideal communication strategy for a target audience.
In this short episode, Lauren is passing the torch to our new host, Rob Norman.
We’re welcoming a new host and hearing from more of the top leaders in data.
Diversity Limited
Ben talks about how he chooses startups to fund, the overall importance of simple human connection, and finding patterns in data that lead to success.
Deloitte & Touche
René talks about zero trust, trends in security breaches, sustainability in cyber, and encouraging women to enter the cyber industry.
NewVantage Partners
Randy talks about what it means to be truly data-driven, growth in the industry, and the ethics around collecting and using data.
Western Union
Tom talks about using data from the customer experience to inform next gen product development, tips to retain talent, and transforming a globally known, 170-year-old household name like Western Union to be more customer-centric.
MI6 Academy and Stiletto Spy School
Alana talks about tactical mindfulness, finding clarity on your objectives, and getting control in the most chaotic of situations.
Rachelle talks about the advent of space tourism, the pent up demand in leisure flight, and how passengers expect life in the air to be as connected as life on the ground.
This episode features an interview with Koti Reddy, Chief Technology Officer for Conga. Conga is the global leader in commercial operations transformation, helping businesses automate the process of creating quotes, contracts and documents. We talk with Koti about building complex pricing algorithms, smart contracts, and making data-based decisions.
P3 Health Partners
This episode features an interview with Unmesh Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer for P3 Health Partners. P3 Health Partners are a patient-centric, physician-led company dedicated to improving the way care is provided. We talk with Unmesh about how data can be used to predict medical issues, remote patient monitoring, value-based care, and his personal reason for going into medical tech.
eViRa Health
This episode features an interview with Evan Kirstel, a B2B thought leader, top technology influencer, and enterprise industry insider. Evan’s business, eViRa Health, acts as a social media partner to clients in the healthcare industry to grow massive global audiences and deepen user engagement. We talk with Evan about how he paired his expertise in social media with the healthcare industry, and helped revolutionize the future of healthcare tech.
Blue Angels
This episode features an interview with John Foley, former lead pilot of the Blue Angels, keynote speaker and bestselling author. After more than 20 years in the military, flying jets off aircraft carriers and performing in Fleet Week, John is an expert on high performance teams. In this episode, he discusses how to improve team performance by 300% by creating a culture of excellence. He explains how to do that by building a high level of trust, a commitment to improvement and the idea that a spot on the team has to be earned.
Hinduja Global Solutions
This episode features an interview with Lyssa Myska Allen, VP of Global, Head of Marketing & Digital at Hinduja Global Solutions. Lyssa has more than 15 years of experience in digital strategy. On this episode, she discusses how to act as a “nerd translator,” why you need to use data to validate your instincts, why there’s no such thing as too much communication, and much more.
Novant Health
On this episode Lauren is joined by Karl Hightower; Senior Vice President of Enterprise Information Management and Chief Data Officer for Novant Health. Lauren and Karl discuss Empathy and data have to work together in order for Karl to succeed at what he does. They also dive into the importance of getting to really know and understand your patient.

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